• Do you avoid the mirror or worried about what you might see?
  • Are your skinny clothes gathering dust?
  • You’ve been battling the scales for years
  • Tried all the quick fixes
  • You feel less attractive and insecure

get-inspiredWe only want people who are serious action takers. People that are not just in it for a cheap quick fix offer, we help improve your lifestyle and the results are just a great by product.

Worried your other half doesn’t look at you the way they used to. Fed up having to always put everyone else first. The harder you try the less results you see.

Fit Body Group Training is going to put you back in charge of your body. Ryan and Craig got fed up seeing people trying all these crazy quick fix diets along with gym memberships that had no one using them!

Eighteen months ago we set about on a mission. We opened Fit Body Jersey to help people frustrated with their excess fat work towards a fitter healthier lifestyle.

right_pic_1Hundreds of people just like you have seen remarkable results since our doors opened in 2012.

Look and feel great in a matter of weeks from training in our short 30 minute workouts.

Our framework to nutrition is simple and practical. You will not starve yourself! Exercise with the Island’s leading transformation coaches.

We run 6 days a week all year round so you never have to miss a workout. Fun, supporting and personal environment. We use a non-intimidation environment where everyone is there to enjoy their training.

Monthly one to one progress checks to keep you accountable. A member’s only site with helpful content and guidance to support you. Phone and email support to help support and motivate you when the going gets tough.

‘I never knew losing weight could be so fun, until I tried Fit Body Group Training’ (Debbie Reynolds, Fit Body Group Training, since September 2013)

Debbie had always struggled with her weight going up and down and then really on the rise.

Struggling with confidence ‘I knew I wouldn’t be fit enough’ but ‘ when I started I was made to feel part of the group and exercises were made doable by the trainers’

If your ready to take action now see if you qualify by entering your name and email address below.

lady-runningIf you don’t drop a clothes size in 28 days we will refund you your month and pay for your 1st month to a diet club of your choice.

It should be really quite straight forward so if your still unsure after getting this far then maybe Fit Body Group Training is not for you.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals and want to do it in the only logical enter your name and email below to see if you qualify.

If your ready to take action now see if you qualify by entering your name and email address below.